Expression with Chromatic Harmony and Modulation in Film

Tailor your use of chromatic chords and modulations to your expressive needs.

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Duration: 6 Hrs 28 Min

Learn how film themes express certain emotions with chromatic chords and changes of key. We cover emotional expressions, voice leading, and harmonic progressions for a wide range of harmonies and modulations, focusing on their film-specific uses. We also explore many uses that are not covered in other sources, like deceptive leading-tone dominants, tritone-polyrooted chords, and modulation cycles. Tailor your use of chromatic chords and modulations to your expressive needs.

Included in the course is a set of composition exercises (with answers) on every concept in the course, provided in MIDI for DAWs, MusicXML for notation software, and PDF for pencil and paper. Get the instructor’s feedback on your work by posting in the site forums, and easily review course material with the Quick Reference sections.

Lesson 1 – Using Secondary Dominants, Augmented 6ths, and Common-Tone Chords

Lesson 2 – Mixing Modes and Harmonic Styles

Lesson 3 – Expression with Modulation

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