Video: John Williams, The Force Theme

Film Music Notes will now be offering videos of some of our most popular blog posts on our very own YouTube channel. Here is the first video, analyzing John Williams’ Force theme from the Star Wars saga.

If you like the video and would like to see more of them, just click the YouTube logo on the video, then hit the Subscribe button in YouTube!

4 thoughts on “Video: John Williams, The Force Theme”

    1. Absolutely! I actually analyze this theme in a chapter I wrote for the book, John Williams: Music for Films, Television, and the Concert Stage. I also discuss it in my Theme Writing 1 course. And in both places, that’s the label I give it. So it seems we agree!

      1. Thank you for your response!
        I just ordered the book. I went through the theme course awhile ago. I forgot that you analyzed it which is good. I’m trying to practice identifying the forms independently.

        1. I’d say you’ve learned the material quite well, then! Williams is great for analyzing 8-bar-type themes. Just run through a lot of them for practice, even if it’s by ear.

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