Action-Music Harmony 3: Polytonal Harmonies & How to Use Action Chords

Write dissonant but tonally-based chords with more than one tonic in classic blockbuster style!

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Duration: 5 Hrs 25 Min

Learn the classic blockbuster sound of chords with more than one tonic. Understand how these dissonant but tonally-based harmonies are used in action scenes for several purposes: scoring long passages over a single chord, emphasizing key moments in the narrative, and expressing common associations. Also learn how a large number of action chords are built from a consistent set of notes called “action extensions”.

The course comes with a comprehensive set of exercises to let you build these chords and use them in a described scene. You can also get feedback directly from the instructor by posting your answers in the site forums.

Note: Lesson numbers continue from Action-Music Harmony 1 and 2

  1. Understanding How Action Chords Are Used
  2. Expanding a Single Chord with “Action Extensions”
    • Overview
    • The m(b6), M(b6) and augM7(#9)
  3. Polytonal Voicings of Action Chords
    • Overview
    • The m(b6)
    • The mM7(b6)
    • The mM9(b6)
    • The mM7(add#4)
    • The mM9(add#4)
    • The Mm(M7,b6)
  4. Unifying Action Chords
    • Progressions with Chords from Different Action Scales
    • Composing Out a Chord
    • Composing Out a Scale

  1. Preliminaries
    • What Are Dissonant-Bass Chords?
    • How Dissonant-Bass Chords Are Used
  2. Major Chord + Dissonant Bass
    • +1 Major
    • +4 Major
    • +6 Major
    • +9 Major
    • +11 Major
  3. Minor Chord + Dissonant Bass
    • +1 Minor
    • +3 Minor
    • +6 Minor
    • +8 Minor
    • +10 Minor
    • +11 Minor
  4. Dissonant-Tonal Chord + Dissonant Bass
    • Overview
    • A Final Example
  1. Overview
    • Defining Polychords
    • Common Polychords and Their Component Chords
    • Typical Associations
    • Pedal Point with Polychords
  2. Quiet-Tension Polychords Next to Action Music
    • +11 Polychords
    • +6 Polychords
  3. Polychords for Mystery in Action Scenes
    • +4 Polychords
    • Other Hexatonic Polychords
  4. Other Associations of Polychords
    • Mortal Dread
    • Brutal Strength

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