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Theme Writing 1 & 2 Bundle

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Composition Exercises

On every section of the course with answers. Files in MIDI, MusicXML, PDF, and MP3 formats.

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2-Course Bundle – 20% off

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Duration: 8 Hrs 27 Min

Bundle Summary

In Theme Writing 1, learn how 8-bar forms shape the emotional expression of a theme. Examples of each form are drawn from major feature films. In Theme Writing 2, learn to write melodies that mean what you want them to mean. By analyzing many of Hollywood’s best-known themes, you’ll learn how basic shapes are elaborated to create expressions that are perfectly suited to a theme’s association. Included in both courses are composition exercises with answers in MIDI format for DAWs, MusicXML for notation software, and PDF and MP3 for pencil and paper.

Course Content – Theme Writing 1

Course Content – Theme Writing 2

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